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July 11 2018

Edmonton, AB – Martina Crory, a nomination candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada in the federal electoral district of of Edmonton Centre has withdrawn from the nomination race. Crory, who has been building her campaign since April 2018, was hopeful she could unseat the Liberal incumbent, Randy Boissonault, with a common-sense vision to support families, encourage natural resource development, and return Canada to a balanced budget.

     “Mr. Boissonault has shown time and time again that rather than standing up for his constituents, he prefers to pal around with the Prime  Minister.   As a young, single mother living in Edmonton Centre, his choice to be a part of the ‘inner circle’ rather than a champion of our community makes it more it more difficult for me to support and raise my son, and that’s why I wanted to run” – Martina Crory, CPC Nomination Candidate for Edmonton Centre

Given that Ms. Crory’s primary objective is to defeat Boissonault and the Liberal Government in 2019, she was prepared to step aside if a candidate entered the contest that could stand a greater chance of unseating the Liberals. With the announcement on July 6th that James Cumming would be seeking the CPC nomination in Edmonton Centre, Ms. Crory felt that she had to throw her support behind him:

     “James Cumming is a pillar of the Edmonton business community and an extremely qualified candidate to be the next Conservative Member of  Parliament from Edmonton Centre. He worked extremely hard as the Edmonton Centre Conservative candidate in 2015 and the moment I learned of his announcement, I knew I had to support him and contribute to his campaign in any way I could so that we can defeat the Liberals in 2019.”

Martina Crory wishes Mr. Cumming the best of luck and looks forward to helping on his campaign.