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Nomination campaign's are expensive; it costs thousands of dollars to run a success one. As a grassroots candidate, I do not have some of the connections or funds that many traditional candidates rely on. By donating to my campaign, you are making it easier and more efficient to reach the over  40,000  residents of Edmonton - City Centre. 

 All donations will receive an email square receipt and a formal receipt from our campaign team. Certain political donations are eligible for an Alberta income tax credit.  For more information, visit Our campaign accounting is rigorously completed and conforms to all the laws and  rules of Elections Alberta.  Our CFO is Harry Nguyen. 

Our Square online store is a fast and secure way to donate to the campaign. You can anonymously donate up to $50 and their are options for further amounts. 

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The quick and easy e-transfers we all love. If you'd like to send a donation via email, you can do so to the campaign email at [email protected] Please send a follow up email with all your information so we know who it is coming from!